Air Fryer


  • Crisp, healthy fried meals in less than 1 tablespoon of oil
  • Rapid convection technology cooks food faster, more efficiently than a deep fryer or convection oven
  • Cook french fries, onion rings, spring rolls, meat and poultry, quiches, muffins, and stuffed vegetables
  • Eliminate the smells and splatters of deep frying
  • Easy-clean dishwasher safe basket and pan
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Product Description

Enjoy the crisp, crunchy outside and the moist, tender inside of deep fried foods – without all the oil. The Volsen FitFry’s revolutionary rapid convection technology cooks food faster and more efficiently than a conventional deep fryer or oven. This innovative oil-less cooking method is great for making crispy french fries and onion rings, and even works well with main course dishes like steak and chicken. The FitFry cuts out the oil to give you crispy food without the added fat.

The versatile FitFry is simple to use. Select the temperature your food needs to cook at, set the timer to the amount of time required to cook, and the FitFry does the rest. Everything from french fries, onion rings, spring rolls, pizza rolls, meat and poultry, cakes, quiches, muffins, and stuffed vegetables. And you do all this in less than a tablespoon of oil. The healthy, guilt-free way to get great tasting, crispy comfort foods you love.

And as a bonus, it’s easy to clean. The FitFry eliminates the smells and splatters that deep frying gives off, and is easy to keep spic and span thanks to a dishwasher safe basket and pan. So you can spend less time washing-up and more time with your family after dinner.