Volsen Purelook Sonic Facial Cleanser



  • Oscillating cleansing technology gently exfoliates
  • Sonic vibrations eliminate deep impurities and clogged pores
  • Ultra silky-soft bristles clean away dirt and dead skin
  • Two speed settings to customize your skin care regimen
  • Easy & hygienic skin cleansing at home
  • Protective cap keeps the cleansing brush free of germs
  • Storage case for when cleanser is not in use
  • Water resistant, portable, suitable for all skin types
  • Powered by: 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Size: 6.2 x 2.0 x 3.1 inches (157 x 52 x 78.5mm)
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Product Description


As you age, the process of skin regeneration slows down. Old cells start to pile up on the surface, making your skin dull, rough and less radiant. Too much sun, hormones or vitamin deficiencies can make things worse. The Volsen Purelook Sonic Facial Cleanser helps clean this outer layer of skin. It gets rid of built-up dirt, grease and make-up that can make your skin look tired. And afterwards, your skin care regimen will work more effectively as your skin absorbs the usual topical moisturizers and lotions better.


Ultra silky-soft, oscillating bristles gently clean away dirt and dead skin cells. Sonic vibrations eliminate deep impurities and clear clogged pores to minimize oily skin and blackheads. This makes it safer and healthier than face scrubs, most of which use microbeads – tiny balls of plastic – not great for the environment or your skin. And unlike expensive, spa-based microdermabrasion, the Volsen Purelook Sonic Facial Cleanser is gentle on your skin. It works well with all skin types and comes in a handy travel size. Don’t wait until your next spa trip; with the Purelook Sonic Facial Cleanser, give your skin the care it deserves, and revive that healthy, youthful glow – right from home.



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