Vista 3Qt. Health-Cooker


  • Multi-use health cooker perfect for home, travel, apartments, dorm rooms or tailgating
  • Set the timer, the Vista cooks your meal and turns off by itself
  • Self-stirring mechanism prevents overcooking
  • Cook, bake, sauté, roast, grill and fry
  • Innovative dual heating system cooks food evenly and thoroughly
  • Bottom heating plate and upper halogen heater work in tandem with convection air currents
  • One-pot design and non-stick coating – less prep time and clean-up afterwards
  • Compact design takes up less counter space, highly portable
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Product Description

With the Volsen Vista 3QT. Health-Cooker, cooking has never been easier—or healthier.

The multi-purpose Vista 3QT. Health-Cooker cooks, bakes, sautés, grills and fries. The Vista’s dual heating system and self-stirring mechanism ensure your food is cooked to an even, perfect consistency, with minimal supervision. And it does it all in one pot. Attend to your chores, entertain your guests or clean up your dorm room, while the Vista cooks lunch!

Anything you cook in an oven or on your stove or grill can be prepared with the Vista 3QT. Health-Cooker – roasts, stir fry vegetables, fish, meats and even french fries. It’s easy to remove the stirring gear for recipes that don’t require stirring, like roasts, fish, or other meats.

Perfect for home or travel, use the Volsen Vista 3QT. Health-Cooker to prepare a healthy meal anywhere. Use it in your RV or at tailgating parties; it’s especially perfect for dorm rooms and vacation getaways where space may be limited, but cooking shouldn’t be. Thanks to its compact size and design, the Vista 3QT. Health-Cooker uses a small amount of counter space. It’s the ultimate portable cooking device – for delicious, gourmet food prepared in the healthiest, most natural way possible.

The Volsen Vista 3QT. Health-Cooker is your powerful kitchen assistant that’s as concerned with the nutrients and taste of your food as you are.


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